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Friday, 11 May 2012 16:10


Station with Gum Trees

While not essentially a business my model railway is now partly funded through the sale of model gum trees. Each tree is hand made and as such is individually built and shaped by me. This results in trees where no two are exactly alike.


What sizes do they come in?

  • Trees range from 10cm to 15cm high and are ideally suited to HO and N scale railways. As each tree is individually built actual height will vary.


How do I place the tree on my scene?

  • The bottom of the tree is ~1cm long and is suitable for pushing into styrene or pushing into a small hole drilled into a wooden base.


How much?

  • Trees are sold at a minimum of 10 per order and cost $60.00 per 10 trees plus postage


How you I order?

  • Go to the contact page and click on the contact mail address and send me the details of your order.


How long does it take to deliver?

  • On average it takes less than two weeks from the time you place your order to the time I build and ship your trees, however greater demand can extend the delivery times. Exact delivery times will be advised when your order is placed and paid for.


How do I pay?

  • Currently the only payment option is electronic funds transfer. Details will be provided upon placement of your order.


Can I build my own?

large trees

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