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The home PC support business has grown from providing support to various friends and family.

We specialise in PCs, wireless networks and hand held devices (ipad, iphone etc). Note: Service is only provided within Melbourne and surrounding suburbs in Victoria Australia.


Support is provided by a home visiting engineer who will assist you with your concerns. We ask that you use the contacts on this web site to send us an email with a detailed description of your issue so that we can estimate the costs of resolving your issue and provide you with a quote for doing in advance of us coming to your home so there are no financial surprises. Should we be unable to resolve your issue we will not charge you.


Please note that we do not provide support or advice over the phone.


Most common faults:

Sympton : My PC won't turn on.

Cause : Failed power supply

Resolution : Replace power supply

Parts : between $30 and $50

Labour : 30 minutes at $120 per hour

Call out fee : Dependant upon your location within Melbourne


Sympton : My PC is running slow

Possible Causes : Too many applications open at once. Too many background applications running at once. Worst case scanario is your PC is infected with a virus or spyware.

Resolution : DONT PANIC! Review all software installed on your PC and remove those not required. Scan your services and see if there are is something running that you don't recognise. Disable them where possible(Do not remove them unless you know what you are doing) Scan for Viruses and Spyware using the free antivirus and spyware removal tools.

Parts : N/A

Labour : 1 hour at $120 per hour

Call out fee : Dependant upon your location within Melbourne


NOTE: There is a scam running at the moment where a company calls you claiming to be from Microsoft (or a Microsoft partner) stating that there is something wrong with your computer. They ask you to go to your computer click on a link and install some software to remove it. They then claim that your computer can't be fixed over the phone and that they need to send an engineer to you at an exceptionally high cost to get your computer running again. The software that is installed either infects your computer with a virus and disables the computer OR gives them control of your PC any time they desire. If you receive a call from these people simply hang up.