The Wormy home built furniture business grew out of a need. When I bought my home I didn't have the money for the furniture my wife desired and having looked at several dining room tables and chairs I believed there wasn't really that much work involved given the type of wood, design and construction methods used.


I set to work building a dining room table and having proudly presented the finished product to the wife she astutely asked me where the chairs were. A week later we had 4 chairs!


Since then I've moved on to coffee tables, book cases, bars, drinks cabinets and some outdoor furniture each made to the size as required.


As each item is custom built the price can vary greatly based on the type of wood and the finish required.


Materials Options:

  • Pine (soft wood)
  • Victorian Ash/Tasmanian Oak (hard wood)


Finish : A range of stains is available for both wood types. All work is finished with a final coat of varnish, you have the option of clear or mildly darker varnish


Prices vary based on :

  • Furniture item (based on the amount of time involved in building your item)
  • Dimensions (volume of wood required to complete your item)
  • Type of wood used (Pine is a lot cheaper than Victorian Ash)
  • Finish required


Examples of some of the finished work are below.

Dry BarBook CasesGarden Bench

To obtain a quote for your item please select the contact option and send an email with a description of your project.